"When I approached FBW at first, I met the lawyers, accountants, brand and business strategists all at the same time. A seamless collaboration, which saved a lot of time and offered a holistic approach to my business"

"As a member, I also enjoy preferential rates from professionals and from my fellow FBW members"

"As a FBW member, I have joined a group of companies each offering a different service with no conflict of interest. I'm part of a value chain where trusted fellow members use a cross-marketing system to promote each other's services"

"I get to network and brainstorm with other FBW members and listen to expert keynote speakers at monthly breakfast meetings. FBW also offers it's members exponential exposure opportunities through its website and social media drive"

"As a member, I enjoy the benefit of being vetted by an Independent Registered Business Organisation with accredited professionals. I have signed a code of conduct that upholds ethical behavior and accountability. FBW also encourages its members to comply with general industry standards for best practices, which offers members a competitive advantage"