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The lotus is a beautiful wetland flower that begins life as a seed in muddy, murky river beds and slowly rises towards the surface, finally bursting out of the water into the sunlight where the petals open one by one as it unfolds into full bloom. During the night the lotus closes and sinks under the water, yet resiliently emerges again into the sunlight of each new day.


The lotus is also regarded as a spiritual symbol of enlightenment, rebirth and resilience . . . rising above adversity.

The aquamarine colour of the First Business Wellness lotus signifies courage. Present in art, literature, and mythology in a wide range of cultures, the lotus can be seen as a global symbol of all that humanity aspires to be. First Business Wellness and the Lotus Flower Companies endure growth pains, obstacles and difficult challenges in the ever-changing murky waters of tight economies, through competition and severe financial limitations.


First Business Wellness ushers the dawn of a new era, bringing vitality, courage and resilient growth to the SME sector as enterprises capitalise on the opportunity to be nourished through the ‘wellness platform’; providing the depth, experience and expertise of professionals across the full spectrum of business disciplines . . . enabling companies to blossom, petal by petal, to their full potential.




First Business Wellness is passionate about enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve sustainable growth by offering an all-inclusive holistic and affordable service through the expertise of seasoned professionals across business and wellness disciplines.