Entrepreneurs don't have to be alone!

Join our eco-system for business owners and build partnerships in a value chain.

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Join First Business Wellness as a member www.businesswellness.co.za and share in numerous benefits from a #firstholisticservice of professionals in all the #firstbusinesscoredisciplines to address all the #firstcoresuccessfactors in business. .

Our Professionals are gearing up to offer a holistic online consulting service to small and medium business owners.

Our Professionals include, Brand Strategy, Business Risk Strategy, Commercial Law, Accounting and Financial Services, Information Technology and Business Coaching.

Our Members represent various industries from manufacturing, service industry and distribution services. Our members enjoy complimentary guidance and preferential rates

from our professionals and experts. Partnerships are build among our members for sustainable value chains. Contact us at our call centre 087 135 3013 or email us at info@businesswellness.co.za.

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