Brian Kantor is a pre-eminent economist. He is Investment Strategist and Economist at Investec Wealth and Investment and Professor Emeritus

at UCT and he regularly writes on the South African and global economy. "The initiative First Business Wellness (FBW) demonstrates beneficent

market forces in action. They are the actions of a risk-taking and highly innovative new enterprise. South Africa needs more of both risk-taking and

innovation if it is to prosper.  Should FBW work out as so carefully planned it will help deliver a more productive South African business sector. One that

will promote not only the well-being of the owners of a business but that of its employees, suppliers, and customers- and with improved profitability and incomes - higher tax revenues for the State. This is what all successful businesses achieve.


First Business Wellness is a living example of an innovative business. I wish them every success"

Ben Durandt [ Turnaround corporate specialist - (CA) (SAICA), serve on board of Turnaround Managers Association SA, member of the Institute of Directors SA, member of Insolvent Practitioners SA, 25 years experience at KPMG, "First Business Wellness has created a vigorous

platform for entrepreneurs to forge viable financial pathways towards becoming real contenders in a highly competitive business environment"

Philip Pla (Partner Adams & Adams - (BSc (Mech Eng) (BProc), “The First Business Wellness Company platform will provide essential multi-disciplinary support to entrepreneurs, allowing them to lay a solid foundation to unlock the true potential of their business. First Business Wellness recognize that many SME's and MME's are cost-sensitive and for this reason the associates have agreed to strive to render their professional services at affordable rates by harnessing internal efficiencies within their respective organizations".

Anton Rautenbach (Executive Financial Advisor, DL Sure) "With so many investment "scams" in the past combined with an unhealthy economy, it becomes very difficult to fund new business ideas.The First Business Wellness;s offering is in my opinion definitely a step in the right direction and is ideally positioned to offer attractive investment opportunities"


Hannelize Mouton [Marketing and Communications Executive, Cloof Wine Estate], "A truly holistic and innovative approach to align your business units using a group of professional, each an expert in their specific fields, operating as one system"

Annie Carter [CEO Photo Cushion On-line Business], "I felt overwhelmed by the  many unanswered questions about my fast growing business.

I was paralysed by it all, and had no idea where to go and who to see for the right advice. First Business Wellness is "Day Spa" for my business.

The "All in one Package Deal"

Anthony Lai Lam [CEO CompleteIT], "First Business Wellness recommended one of their Associates, NS BrandExperience to assist us with our brand development with their holistic approach. Their brand audit and brand development process proofed invaluable to our organisation.

I often got goosebumps during survey feedback sessions.

Anja Dedekind [Managing Director Solucare Cleaning Detergents], "After completing the First Business Wellness Check Up complimentary survey with one of your consultants, we have been able to identify all the critical success factors for our business in minutes.


As an entrepreneurial enterprise, we have many challenges to face in a highly competitive market. We do not have the manpower or knowledge to invest in all the aspects of our business that needs attention. First Business Wellness offers a great opportunity to get affordable access to certified professionals whom we can trust"

Jonathan Sher[Managing Director of Banks R&L], "I receive hundreds of calls on a daily basis of service providers and consultants with basically the same promise on how my company will save on costs or improve on output. FBW made contact with me and their holistic approach to business was fresh enough to capture my interest and I agreed to a complimentary Wellness Check Up on my company"

Kevin Davids, Managing Director of Spectoclean, "the support I got from FBW when I was starting my business was top class. When I first met Neil, I was looking for branding for my company. Neil introduced me to FBW. When starting a company you have to meet different people at different times, but with FBW, it was a seamless collaboration as they have everything under one roof. The lawyers, accountants and branding strategists you meet at the same time, saving lots of time. I get to network as a member and enjoy preferential rates from professionals and experts.