B2B Membership 

The first step in applying for membership is a Wellness Check-Up of the company and then we ensure that there is no conflict of interest with other members before processing the application. Applicants are required to sign the First Business Wellness (FBW) Constitution which upholds the principles of ethics, a code of conduct and accountability.


Membership Subscription

Members shall commit to an annual subscription payable in R 350 monthly payments in advance and is renewable on a year-to-year basis. Renewal of subscription  for a new subscription year is done automatically on the date of initial membership approval if a member did not resign at least 3 (three) months before the 12 month subscription period expires.


An innitial R 700 registration fee is required, which includes the following:

Complimentary Wellness Check Up of your business in the core business disciplines of Brand Strategy, Accounting / Financial, Commercial Law and IT

FBW Membership Certificate and signed Code Of Conduct to add to your website

FBW Membership logo - add to your e-signature, stationery, website etc.

Setting up the categorie for your business discipline on the FBW website and link it to your own website for direct access from other members, the public and clients


Members have access to professionals and experts in all the core critical business disciplines at preferential rates and enjoy the benefit of the unique FBW holistic approach. Members participate in a collective social media drive for awareness and have networking opportunities without conflict of interest. Members may use

the First Business Wellness logo on their letterheads, websites, and e-signatures to signify professionalism, ethics, compliance, and accountability. 


For more information or to apply for membership email to info@businesswellness.co.za or contact us at our call center 087 135 3013